A bit of History

Founded back in 1960 by a small group of brass band music enthusiasts, not players, “to promote and assist brass bands” it quickly built it's membership to over 100 by 1977. It became renowned in the brass band world for organising Slow Melody and Solo and Quartet contests which drew contestants from across the North-West of England. Sadly, all that fell by the wayside with dwindling numbers of volunteer members. We know all about that!!

Help Needed

If you visit the Botanic Gardens on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy the live entertainment and think you might be able to help us out in any way please get in touch through the website or come and see us at the the Chair Hut on the Band Lawn. Or, if you are reading this and remember the concerts from your childhood and feel inspired to help out please get in touch through the website. It's not about hard work and committing lots of time, it's about building support for the concerts in the Botanic in order to sustain them into the future.